Volunteer Driver Poster Feb 2019



Minibus Volunteer Drivers

If you would like to volunteer as a driver for our Community Transport, please contact Jacqueline Gallacher to find out more.  We can match you to a group/transport request to suit your availability.

Community Car Scheme Volunteer Drivers

About us

The purpose of the community car scheme is to provide a service for people who are unable to use or have difficulty with access to public transport. Our aim is to help people with journeys to medical appointments which they may otherwise be unable to make.  Volunteer drivers will use their own cars, all reasonable expenses are covered including mileage.

Who can use the scheme?

Journeys need to be referred through your doctor and are available to people who have no other means of travel due to ill health, injury or a disability. Our volunteer drivers can assist passengers in/out of the vehicle. All volunteer drivers are registered with us. They will pick passengers up as directed and will wait to return home again if requested. Should the visit be a lengthy period, arrangements will be made for a later pick up.

When is the car scheme available?

Most journeys are during daytime hours Monday to Friday. Evening and weekend trips are possible if a volunteer is available.

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