Ashgill Shopping Service: Monday from 10am-12 noon

Strutherhill/Birkenshaw Shopping Service: Wednesday from 10am-12 noon

Hareleeshill Shopping Service: Thursday from 10am-12 noon

We currently offer 3 shopping bus services for older people who live in Ashgill, Strutherhill/Birkenshaw and Hareleeshill.  Members are collected from their homes, taken to a local supermarket and then returned home.  We try and vary the places we visit with choices from our local supermarkets in Larkhall, to those further afield.

Here's what members have to say:

"I'm getting to shops I wouldn't be able to otherwise makes a huge difference"

" the volunteers and staff are always very helpful, they're brilliant"


To book a place, please call 01698 888893 and ask to speak to the Transport department.


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